Putting health in mind

It was important to us that we use this opportunity to partner with, and raise significant awareness and funds for, a charity that was close to all of our hearts. 

For us, Black Dog was an easy choice... 

The Black Dog Institute is recognised as a global pioneer in the identification, prevention and treatment of mental illness, and the promotion of well-being. Our vision is of a mentally healthier world.


Black Dog Institute takes a multifaceted approach to one of the most pressing public health challenges of our time – mental illness.


As a Medical Research Institute, clinical service and not-for-profit, Black Dog Institute is uniquely placed to rapidly implement new scientific discoveries into real-world settings. We are at the forefront of mental health research internationally, investigating the causes of mental illness and driving evidence-based solutions that are both readily available and more effective.

Founded in 2002, Black Dog is Australia’s premier source of evidence for common mental illness, and a world leader in e-mental health. Our researchers are developing new ways to harness the latest technology for maximum impact to help improve the lives of the 1 in 5 Australians who experience mental illness in any year.

Our growing suite of innovative online and mobile apps equip the wider community to take charge of their mental wellbeing, giving them credible psychologically-informed tools to help recognise and treat the signs of mental illness in themselves and others. Crucially, everything we do is informed by the voice of lived experience, from our research into novel treatment interventions through to our community outreach activities.

Based in Sydney, Australia, the Black Dog Institute works directly in all parts of the community and guides the development of new and improved policy. We work to reduce stigma around mental illness and encourage help-seeking through our evidence-informed community education programs in schools and workplaces Australia-wide, and in our specialised training for healthcare professionals.

Black Dog is also spearheading Australia’s largest suicide prevention trial – LifeSpan – which is setting best practice by taking a holistic approach that connects, amplifies and builds on existing suicide prevention services, in four sites across regional and rural NSW. Concurrently, the Institute is supporting the implementation of similar evidence-based systems approaches to suicide prevention with a focus on priority populations in a further 12 Commonwealth sites. Black Dog also provides expert advice to the Victorian government funded place-based suicide prevention trials and is working with the ACT government on their commitment to deliver LifeSpan from July 2018.


To maximise our reach, Black Dog Institute partners with universities, health services and community groups across the country. We are supported by peer-reviewed research grants, philanthropy and competitive government funding. Our ongoing work is also dependent on the generosity of our committed supporters, who advocate for us and raise much-needed funds to continue this vital work.


Black Dog Institute’s name refers to the ‘black dog’ – a term coined by Winston Churchill to describe his own depression.

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Find out more at www.blackdoginstitute.org.au

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