"More people have been into space and have climbed Everest than have rowed across an ocean"

The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge brings together teams from all walks of life united by the same objective: to take on the unique challenge of crossing an ocean in a rowing boat. The atmosphere is electric as people help each other prepare for the challenge of the mighty Atlantic Ocean. Teams battle with sleep deprivation, salt sores, and physical extremes inflicted by the race. Rowers are left with their own thoughts, an expanse of the ocean and the job of getting the boat safely to the other side.

The race offers different experiences to all involved. The challenge creates strong friendships and competitiveness gives way to the camaraderie that is required to complete the challenge. Upon finishing, rowers join a small community of friends that have shared the adventures of an ocean crossing. The mental and physical endurance will result in a life-changing achievement, that will never be forgotten.

The race starts mid December and departs from the Canary Islands and finishes in the Caribbean. All up the course is just over 5,000km. 

The boys will row in shifts of 2 hours on / 2 hours off round the clock until that first frosty beer in Antigua aproxx. 45 days later!

At it's deepest point, the Atlantic will be 8.5km deep - yikes!  

The conditions three thousand kilometres from shore are hard to predict! 2016's race recorded record high 40ft waves, sharks & multiple capsizing. 


Yep, we're thinking it to - how do you deal with all this when there is no toilet on board...!!   


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