Age: 35

Height: 180cm  

Weight: 80kg    

Occupation: Director, Recruitment

Location: Bondi Beach, Sydney  

What he brings to the team:

Other than being the fourth best looking guy on the team, Fletch has a wealth of experience being tired & cold in some of the most  remote parts of the world. It has been a long-time dream of his to complete an Atlantic crossing and he sees this as the culmination of every endurance event he’s ever completed.




Originally from the UK, Fletch moved to Australia over ten years ago. His passion for the ocean bought him to Bondi, where he now lives with his wife. He is an avid surfer, traveller and adventure enthusiast. A keen mountaineer, he lived in Nepal where he climbed a number of Himalayan peaks and his love for the mountains has taken him to New Zealand, the US, India and Afghanistan.


He is also a glutton for punishment, having completed numerous triathlons, an Ironman and in 2016 completed the Yukon River Quest, a 715Km Kayak race on the Alaskan / Canadian border.




Age: 32

Height: 185cm  

Weight: 85kg    

Occupation: Director, Commercial Property

Location: Bondi Beach, Sydney  

What he brings to the team:

Ryan brings a contagious passion for life and energy that is bound to keep morale high and the crew in good spirits when times are tough. He enjoys pushing his physical limits and will deliver on the mental and physical demands required to help his crew reach Antigua in the fastest time possible, whilst importantly ensuring they have fun on the way!


Ryan grew up in Brisbane, QLD, where he attended Brisbane Boys’ College, a school known for its dedication to sports.


The only "rower" in the team, Ryan's been fortunate enough to compete in and win a head of the river. After a lengthy sojourn from the oars working in the property industry, Ryan is keen to get back out on the water


Ryan’s approach to life is you only have one, so always say yes! This has lead Ryan to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, sign up for his solo sky dive license, scuba dive, compete in a triathlon and take part at every opportunity to do anything outdoors and active, including running social training camps at Sydney’s own Bondi beach.




Age: 33

Height: 172cm  

Weight: 71kg    

Occupation: Sales Manager

Location: Bondi Beach, Sydney  

What he brings to the team:

From coaching youth football in Cambridge & Sydney to teaching English & Maths in Malawi, throughout his life Nick has always been involved with volunteering. He’s led fundraising initiatives for Youth Epilepsy, to support the education of kids in Malawi and plays a critical fundraising role at Google. Nick brings experience in volunteering and raising money for fantastic causes.


Nick grew up in a small town called Saffron Walden on the Essex / Cambridge border – it was always Essex to the boys and Cambridge to the girls when growing up.


Nick lived in London before moving to Sydney. In 2012, Nick met his wife while she was visiting from Australia and after 3 months of skyping, emailing & calls at strange hours, he moved to the great land down under. Nick now lives in Bondi with his wife, Sarah, and works for Google in the Sydney office.


He loves playing, coaching & watching football, spending time in the water and enjoying living in one of the world’s most iconic beach locations.




Age: 31

Height: 183cm  

Weight: 83kg    

Occupation: Finance Manager

Location: Bondi Beach, Sydney  

What he brings to the team:

The team accountant, Cam brings a highly rational and analytical view of the world. His natural skill set extends from being the ‘spreadsheets guy’ in terms of meticulous planning and organisation, to keeping a cool head in high stress environments. Being passionate about the outdoors, highly competitive and a team player, Cam can’t wait to get out on the water!



Cam grew up in Sydney, however somehow found himself attending St Joseph’s College Hunters Hill as a boarder. He enjoyed broad sporting pursuits before going on to complete studies at the University of Sydney, the University of Glasgow and the University of Technology Sydney.


Cam has combined a corporate career in finance with his passion for adventure; running marathons, climbing volcanoes, diving and trekking mountains all over the world. Cam is also active in the philanthropic space, working closely with numerous charities in his capacity as a director of a private ancillary fund.


Now living in Bondi, he enjoys spending as much time outdoors as possible, whether running a boot camp or simply enjoying the sun and surf with his wife and dog.

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